PIC Grants - Base Funding For Parent Involvement

Each school council receives $500 to assist with parent communication and other parent engagement efforts. Schools with both an elementary (grades 7-8) and secondary (grades 9-11) stream may receive $500 for each, for a total of $1,000.

The Ministry provides this money to the school board, which in turn gives it to the school principal to give to the school council. Guidelines state that this money is to be used for "mobilization and outreach" activities such as "broadening the number of school events that include parents" and "diversification of communication tools" used to reach parents. School councils are expected to "seek out the advice and ideas of other parents and partners" about how best to spend the money. The school council must approve all the expenditures for activities funded with this money.

PIC grants from the 2019-2020 can be carried over to the 2020-2021 school year.  All outstanding PIC Grants must be completed on or before June 24, 2021.

Reminder that this money must be spent on parent communication and other parent engagement activities, it is not to be spent on gift cards to carry over for next year.  Some ideas for spending this Parent Involvement funding during these times of virtual communities include:

  •     Guest speaker(s) for parent workshops; pooling of funds from multiple schools is also an option.
  •     Translation services for parents.
  •     Interpreters for parent events and interviews.
  •     Purchase computer software for council activities.
  •     To augment PRO Grant funds (eg. additional money for speaker and marketing).
  •     Door prizes for contests to increase parent engagement.
  •     Parent Resource Library (books, electronic resources, DVD's etc).
  •     Creating a "Welcome Package" for new families.
*Reminder that the above suggestions would be virtual, no volunteers are allowed within the school at this time.  
These funds cannot be spent on:
  •    Payment for OCSB staff workshop presenters.
  •    Computers, iPads, Chromebooks.
  •    Textbooks for students.
  •    LCBO and Beer Store items / gifts cards.
  •    Donations / support for Families (ie: gift baskets, gift cards, etc).
Have a great idea or ideas to share?  Let us know by filling out our 'survey', we will then add your idea to the list for everyone to share.  We have created a ‘virtual fundraising & event ideas’ document where we will continue to add your feedback throughout the year. Check back often!