Part of CSPA's mandate is to provide information to school councils and parents in order to support the success of all students. Research shows that children will be more successful when their parents are involved with their education.

This page provides links to presentations and websites regarding Internet Safety which parents may find useful. All the information was either delivered at CSPA meetings or given at CSPA-hosted parenting events, and is available for parents to view and download. 


  • Sexting Presentation by the Ottawa Police Service on the growing phenomenon of sexting among young people, and what parents need to know | October 2012
  • Facebook & Families Information for parents to help them understand how Facebook works, privacy risks, and how to guide their child's activities on Facebook | March 2012
  • Twitter and Parents/Kids Provides an overview of the 'what' and 'why' of Twitter, as well as some guidelines for managing privacy | November 2010
  • Youth in Transition Presentation by Max Valiquette (founder of Youthography, a Canadian youth marketing agency) on the impact of social media and the internet on the changing culture and attitudes of today's youth | February 2009