Since March 2006, the Ontario Ministry of Education has been providing funding to school councils and regional parent groups to encourage parent involvement. Individual school councils have access to two types of funding - Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) grants and Parents Reaching Out (PRO) grants, which are explained in the sections below.


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Learn more about PIC and PRO funding in the sections below.

PIC Grants - Base Funding For Parent Involvement

Each school council receives $500 to assist with parent communication and other parent engagement efforts. Schools with both an elementary (grades 7-8) and secondary (grades 9-11) stream may receive $500 for each, for a total of $1,000.

The Ministry provides this money to the school board, which in turn gives it to the school principal to give to the school council. Guidelines state that this money is to be used for "mobilization and outreach" activities such as "broadening the number of school events that include parents" and "diversification of communication tools" used to reach parents. School councils are expected to "seek out the advice and ideas of other parents and partners" about how best to spend the money. The school council must approve all the expenditures for activities funded with this money.

The funds must be spent by the end of the school year. The Board will provide councils with a form for reporting back to the Ministry on how the funds were spent.  Visit the Parent Involvement Committee page on OCSB website for more information on PIC reporting.

Some ideas for spending this Parent Involvement funding include:

  •     Funding for a parent open house during education week
  •     A big event hosted by a family of schools (pooling funds and resources)
  •     Translation services for parents
  •     Interpreters for parent events and interviews
  •     Guest speaker or parent workshops
  •     Hosting a parent breakfast at school
  •     Babysitting during a council meeting, parent workshop or school event
  •     Purchase computer software for council activities
  •     To augment PRO Grant funds (eg. additional $ for speaker, food, etc)
  •     Door Prizes for parents
  •     Parent Resource Library (books, electronic resources, DVD's etc.)
  •     Taxi or bus fare to encourage parents to attend school event
  •     Refreshments for parent event at school (interviews, open house, workshop)
  •     Creating "Welcome Package" for new families

PRO Grants - Parents Reaching Out Grants

PRO Grant application process for 2018-19 is closed

Visit the Ministry of Education website for more information on PRO Grants.

These grants are an additional source of funding for school councils. In Fall 2006, the Ontario Ministry of Education offered a grant program to school councils for projects that enhance the participation of parents who face challenges in getting involved in their children's education. To access the funds, school councils must complete and submit an online application. School Councils must spend all their PRO Grant funds by the end of the school year. 

If your school council would like to share your event information with other communities, email us at  with the title of the event, the date and time, and a link to the information on your school website. We will be happy to help you advertise the event in the CSPA newsletter!

Additional Information:

  • Part of the application process involves reporting back to the Ministry of Education and providing a copy of the report and original receipts to the OCSB Director's Office. Final Report is due by July 15.  Click here for link to PRO Grant Report Back website
  • Grant funds must only be spent on the activity applied for. If unspent funds remain, schools can apply to the Ministry for spending in a related area (eg purchase books for parent library on the workshop topic).  Contact the Ministry of education for permission to modify grant spending.
  • Any unspent funds must be returned to the Ministry of Education.