Every School Council Treasurer should do the following:

  • maintain a record of Catholic School Council (CSC) funds and financial activities
  • co-sign cheques for payment of goods and services
  • prepare financial reports for council meetings
  • prepare an annual, written financial statement for review and approval of the Council
  • ensure access to council financial records by the school and the school community

The resources listed on this page are available to guide treasurers in fulfilling their responsibilities.



Best Practices for the CSC Treasurer:

The topic of best practices for financial reporting for school councils was first presented at the March 2012 CSPA Meeting by Sean Jackson and Cathy Philpott from the CSPA Executive.  This presentation is updated annually and can be accessed at the link below. 

This document contains information about appropriate accounting and reporting procedures including:

  • banking information and signing authority
  • School Cash Online (SCO) guide and template
  • cash counting form
  • HST rebates
  • lottery licenses
  • issuing income tax receipts
  • samples of monthly and annual financial reports
  • sample budgets and sample financial records

School Council Event (May 27, 2020): What every Treasurer wants to know and was afriad to ask! RECORDING