CSPA meetings are generally held on the fourth Wednesday of each month during the regular school year.  We do not hold meetings in December or June, and meetings in March are dedicated to School Councils only.  Meetings begin at 7pm.  Meetings are hybrid (in-person / Google Meet), however we encourage in-person attendance to have the opportunity to meet and mingle with other school council members, school board staff and trustees.  This year our meetings will be hosted at school sites throughout the city, so be sure to check the location listed for each month.  Please ensure you follow us on EventBrite for more information and to register.  While only CSPA Representatives from each School Council are able to vote at our meetings when required, you do not need to be a CSPA Representative to attend our meetings. All OCSB parents and guardians are welcome! 

Click on the links below to view the agendas, minutes and recordings...


2023 - 2024 School Year

Date of Meeting Topic

September 27th

Location: St Bernadette ES

Presentation: Planning & Facilities

Board Report: Superintendent Shelley Montgomery

Meeting Minutes | Recording

October 25th

Location: Our Lady of Peace ES

Commissioning: Director Thomas D'Amico

 Presentation: Special Education / SEAC

Board Report: Superintendent Nicola Benton

November 4th


School Council Conference


November 22nd

Location: Notre Dame HS

Presentation: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Board Report: Superintendent Prince Ehoro

January 31st

Location: VIRTUAL (Blessed Carlo ES / St Josephine HS)


Board Report: Director Tom D'Amico

February 28th

Location: Immaculata HS

Presentation: Spiritual Theme

Board Report: Superintendent Tim Slack

May 1st

Location: Thomas D'Arcy McGee ES

Presentation: Physical Education, Arts, Experiential Learning & International Travel

Board Report: Geoff Edwards

May 29th

Location: St Francis of Assisi ES

Presentation: Curriculum Night

Board Report: Sean Kelly


2022 - 2023 School Year

Date of Meeting Topic

September 28th

OCSB Board Office

Religion & Reconciliation 

Meeting Minutes | Recording

October 26th

OCSB Board Office

CSPA Elections  & Commissioning                                  Presentation: Q&A with the Director of Education

Meeting Minutes | Recording

November 23rd

Notre Dame HS

School Council Tip Night & Social

*no regular general meeting this month

January 25th


Bullying & Peer Relationships

Meeting Minutes | Recording

March 1st (Feb)


Learning Technologies

Meeting Minutes | Recording Part I & Part II

March 23rd (Thurs)

OCSB Board Office

School Council Tip Night & Social

*no regular general meeting this month

April 26th

OCSB Board Office

Student Transportation & Safety *AGENDA

Meeting Minutes | Recording

May 24th

OCSB Board Office

EQAO, de-streaming and more! *AGENDA

Meeting Minutes | Recording