Part of CSPA's mandate is to provide information school councils and parents in order to support the success of all students.  Research shows that students will be more successful when their parents are more involved with their education.

This page provides links to presentation materials from CSPA events hosted throughout the school year.  This page is continually being updated throughout the school year as we receive materials from our speakers.  It may take time to receive materials and post them, we appreciate your patience.  Note that if there is an expiry date on the material it will be indicated in brackets.


School Year 2021-2022

Summer Institute for Parents
         Indigenous 101 for Parents   RECORDINGS: Part 1 & Part 2 | Slide Presentation
         Transitioning Back to School   RECORDING | Slide Presentation
         New Grade 9 Math Curriculum   RECORDING | Slide Presentation

School Year 2020-2021

Photography for Beginners   RECORDING | Slide Presentation | Tip Sheet
Indigenous Education at the OCSB   RECORDINGS: Part 1 & Part 2 | Slide Presentations: Part 1 & Part 2
Eating Together over the May Long Weekend   RECORDING
The Home Stretch of the Pandemic with Dr. Tranter   RECORDING | Handout
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Equity & Anti-Racism - It's everyone's business!  Presentation Resources *Password: CSPA2021

Take a bite out of hunger with nutritious snacks for school break!   RECORDING
Veggie Gradening for Beginners   RECORDING | Slide Presentation
Loss & Grief during the Covid-19 Pandemic   RECORDING | Slide Presentation
Tech Time During the Pandemic with Dr. Michael Cheng   RECORDING | Slide Presentation

Special Education & Your Child 


Accessing Hapara and Other Tools in the Student Portal to Support Your Child's Learning

Today's Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA): Relationship Driven Behaviour Change

The Third Path: A Relationship-Based Approach to Student Well-Being and Achievement  Slide Presentation   Slide Presentation

         Understanding and Improving your Child's Executive Functioning

The IEP Process: Collaboration and Student-Centered Planning   Slide Presentation

Strategies for Supporting our Children with Learning Disabilities  Slide Presentation

         Navigating Special Education for Children with Invisible Disabilities

Separation and Divorce: Important Considerations for Children and Youth

Physically Distanced but Socially Connected   Slide Presentation


School Year 2019-2020

OCSB Behaviour Team Summer Webinar Series   Information & Links
Creating to Connect Mindfully   RECORDING

Lunch & Learn Series

Vaping & Your Child   RECORDING

Expanding Your Child's Vocabulary   RECORDING

Anxiety & Your Child during Covid-19   RECORDING | Resources

Learning in Difficult Times   Session Article

Covid-Isolation and Your Child's Emotional & Intelectual Development   RECORDING 

Mental Health Supports at the OCSB   RECORDING | Slide Presentation

Raising Children in a Digital World   Slide Presentation | RECORDINGS: Intro - Breakout 1 - Breakout 2

Special Education & Your Child 

Friendship Skills: What role do I play in my child's development?   Slide Presentation

Understanding Executive Functions in Children and Youth   Slide Presentation

ABA in a Nutshell   Slide Presentation

Fetal Alchohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD): Strategies for the Classroom   Slide Presentation

Assisstive Technology @OCSB   Slide Presentation

My Child is Gifted! What do I need to know?   Slide Presentation