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Prayer for Spring

As the earth once again turns to face the sun we rejoice in this season of spring.

We give thanks, O God, that each day grows longer in light and that the earth has been liberated from the grip of winter.

We remember the resurrection of Your Son Jesus from the depths of death’s decay in the tomb, we lift our hearts to You in gratitude. We thank You for the gift of a day and all the graces it holds.

We ask for the grace, O God, to live in a new way. Grant us fresh dreams and new visions. May this day come upon us like Spring herself, so that our hearts may be filled with hope.

May we thus taste more deeply the joys of simply being alive. May we find the countless hidden treasures that You have scattered throughout this day and season!

May Your peace rest upon all the members of the earthen family with whom You have made us one.


Prayer Collection

This section contains a selection of reflections, prayers and prayer sites which councils may wish to use when selecting a prayer for meetings or other occasions. Councils are encouraged to send us their own favourites to post and share. Email a pdf copy to

General Prayers:

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Prayer for Travellers

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I Have a Mission

Our Prayer

Peace Prayer

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Strength and Weakness

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Prayer for a Parent

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Give Thanks

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Knowing, Loving & Serving

Lord's Prayer for Justice

May the Blessing of Light be Yours

Prayer of St. Francis

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Prayer of Trust

A Prayer for Busy Times

A Prayer for Understanding

A Prayer for Wisdom

Prayer for All


Seasonal Prayers:

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Prayer to Begin a School Year

Prayer for the New School Year

A Thanksgiving Garden

Help Me to Believe in Beginnings

New Ways

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New Year Prayer 2

New Year Prayer 3

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Advent Christmas Blessing


Winter Prayer

Things to Give up for Lent

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Feasting and Fasting

Prayer for the Easter Season

Easter Prayer

Prayer for Spring

Ode to a Volunteer

Summer Blessing

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Prayer for Summer Vacation