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We are YOUR Catholic School Parents' Association in Ottawa. Our purpose is to seek an education of the highest quality for each child in the Ottawa Catholic School Board. We foster and support Catholic education by providing a platform for communication between education decision-makers and Catholic School Councils. We do this by distributing information to School Council parents on a wide range of complex educational issues and by assisting parents in becoming active partners in education and effective advocates for their children.

CSPA Goals

  • To serve as a resource to the Catholic School Councils through education, information and communication;
  • To work in partnership with the Director of Education and the Board of Trustees on behalf of the school councils and parent community;
  • To represent the OCSB parents in local, regional and provincial activities in education;
  • To acknowledge and communicate to all stakeholders the value of parent participation in a child's education; and
  • To monitor and evaluate our own success as an organization.

The Catholic School Parents' Association (CSPA) is a volunteer parent organization that represents parents and elected school council members of the Ottawa Catholic School Board.

CSPA Event Calendar

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