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The duties of CSPA Members/Alternates of a delegate school in good standing are to: attend and participate in school council meetings and other activities; report to, and consult with school councils on issues referred to it by the Board and/or the Catholic School Parents' Association; and vote at Catholic School Parents' Association Meetings. (In the absence of the Member and Alternate, these duties may be filled by the School Council Chair or by another delegate of the School Council.) 

When voting, Members/Alternates will be asked to represent, to the best of their knowledge, the opinions of parents in their school community. On issues with sufficient lead time, Members/Alternates are responsible for voting to express the majority view of the School Council they represent. It is expected that any significant minority opinions will also be communicated to the Catholic School Parents' Association either in writing or orally, during the discussions that precede a vote.

CSPA Chair and Vice-Chair

The Chair administers the affairs of the Catholic School Parents' Association and ensures that all decisions and actions approved by the general membership are implemented. The Chair heads (leads) CSPA meetings and prepares the agenda for such meetings with advice from the other executive members and committee representatives. The Chair also represents the views of the CSPA to the Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB), the Ministry of Education, the media, and elsewhere, as required. These responsibilities may be shared equally with a Co-Chair or Vice-Chair. Such determinations are to be made by the individuals standing for election each year. 
A Past Chair (non voting; 1 year position) is appointed at the discretion of CSPA Executive if the experience of the past chair is required.

Cathy Philpott, CSPA Co-Chair - Email 
delegate from St. Mark High School

Mark Savenkoff, CSPA Co-Chair, delegate from St. Stephen Catholic School

CSPA Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for: the collection of all voluntary fees; the preparation and reporting of expenditures; the collection of monies; and the reporting of the financial balance at each Meeting. In addition, the Treasurer also prepares on an annual basis, a written financial statement and prepares, as required, cheques for signature of appropriate signing officers.

Traci Clarke, CSPA Treasurer, delegate from St. Joseph High School 

CSPA Liaison Officers

Liaison Officers act as a point of contact for a certain number of School Councils, as determined by the Executive, and collectively represent a cross-section of educational interests as determined by the Executive. Liaison Officers attend and participate in Executive and Catholic School Parents' Association Meetings and may choose areas of specialization with the agreement of the Executive as a whole. Such areas may include, but are not limited to - Secondary School Issues, Elementary Panel Issues, Safe Schools, Budgets and Finance, and Facilities.

Sherisse Al Sabeh delegate from Prince of Peace and St. Patricks's High School

Samanatha Azar, delegate from St. Andrew

Ana Barrett  delegate from Holy Cross

Natalie Bruvels, delegate from St. Thomas More

Note: The Ottawa Catholic School Board's Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) is invited to elect/appoint a parent representative from their Committee to act as Liaison/Advocate for Special Education on the Executive of the Catholic School Parents' Association. Learn more about SEAC


CSPA Communications

The CSPA Communications Officers are part of the the CSPA Executive Committee, and are always available to address questions or concerns. CSPA Communications Officers are responsible for coordinating, in consultation with the Chair, the preparation of folio materials to be distributed along with the agenda prior to each Catholic School Parents' Association Meeting. The Communications Officers also prepare and distribute a monthly newsletter and post information on the CSPA website.

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CSPA Communications Officers:

Laura Cater, delegate from Frank Ryan Intermediate School

Kim Peterson, delegate from St. Clare School

Susan Elsdon, delegate from St. Mark High School 

Rose Hunt, delegate from St. John the Apostle School

Natacha Ruiz Tardif delegate from St. Anthony School

Additional Members

Recording Secretary - The Recording Secretary is responsible for the general correspondence of the Catholic School Parents' Association and for liaison with both existing and potential members. The Recording Secretary issues notices and agenda on behalf of the Chair or the Executive Committee, and prepares and distributes Minutes of all General and Executive Committee meetings.

Roxeanne Marberl, delegate from Lester B Pearson HS

Administrative Officer - The Administrative Officer is responsible for maintaining a current list of member School Councils that shall include the names and contact information of Catholic School Parents' Association Members/Alternates and School Council Chairs/delegates. The Administrative Officer is also responsible for the logistics of organizing meetings and for encouraging regular meeting attendance.

Deborah Bates delegate from St. Mary

Ottawa Regional Director of the Ontario Association of Parents In Catholic Education - The OAPCE is a provincial voice for Catholic school parents. The Regional Directors, by working closely with local parent groups, raise educational issues at the provincial level by ensuring that these issues are addressed and dealt with by the Association. Two elected/appointed Regional Directors for Ottawa are invited to sit on the Executive.

Cathy Philpott, delegate from St. Mark HS